Nada Fayyad reveals its Fall Winter 2022/ 2023 Haute Couture Collection at Gulf Bride Show

sept 22

Nada Fayyad Couture House, one of the most-sought fashion design brands in the region, intends to reveal its Fall & Winter 2022/ 2023 Haute Couture and Bridal Collection during Gulf Bride Show 2022. The new collection is inspired by the influences of highest fashion trends with a surreal and distinctive touches. In addition, it is characterized by a bold feel of their sculptural and romantic designs, besides being complemented by avant-garde haute couture pieces and endowed with large, light volumes that reflect the designer’s perspective and her continuous search of the highest limits of perfection.

Commenting about her upcoming participation in the event, the designer said: “We are delighted to be part of the Gulf Bride Show, as a leading specialized event, to present our first Haute Couture and Bridal Collection in Dubai. We have managed to capture the real ‘beauty’ concept that goes far beyond many aesthetic elements to fully enter the world of art and creativity with confident steps. While focusing on elegance and attention to detail, we have been very keen on the main attributes that should appear in any sumptuous fashion collection”.

The designer stated that the collection was designed for the bride who is looking for excellence and dreams to have an attractive look. “2023 bride deserves to be adorned as a royal heroine on her big day. For that reason we have worked passionately on introducing new and dazzling cuts, apart from adopting heavy and modern embellishments that were completely handcrafted. We have also used the long train to grant our creations a royal look, as well as selecting luxurious fabrics with distinctive elegance”.

This Haute Couture collection is inspired by the powerful ancient empresses. The importance of their history is mainly reflected on every luxurious element of every piece in this collection. It is an empowering feeling when know that our creations would carry on their legacies of strength and beauty. The luxurious fabrics are meant to make a powerful statement, while the feather accents add a touch of elegance and luxury. So, each piece is designed to make the woman feel like an empress and ready to face the world in confidence and courage.

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